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Let us show you what happened with one of our local business clients - Bergland Tirol Bus Company in the Austrian Tyrol.

Bergland Tirol chose us over other designers that they knew because they had heard of our reputation for international web promotion. As a bus company with farflung connections they needed a web design that would not only speak to their local customers, but also to their prospective clients in the worldwide travel business.

Our first task was to identify Bergland Tirol's wishes and needs - in this case, a corporate colour scheme of light yellow and dark blue with the use of the local edelweiss flower, an explanation of the services offered by the bus company and their desire to market the cruise section of their travel agency.

Our next task was to work out how we could combine these different needs into a web site that was attractive not only to viewers but also to search engines.

To do that we used CSS (cascading style sheets) to reduce the "weight" of the pages and to place the content so that it was easy for the search engine spiders to find. The web copy was written in two languages not only to attract business, but also to stress areas that were important for web searches.

And when the site was finished the job still wasn't done - we set up the e-mail addresses, the statistics to show Bergland Tirol who is viewing their site, where and how they arrived, and deal with any necessary changes to their pages.

Finally, and most importantly, the web promotion campaign continues - not with the common worthless claim of "submission to thousands of search engines" - but by searching out links to and from relevant sites that add value to the searcher and the search engine, and by ensuring that Bergland Tirol receives entries in the most important web directories.

Bergland Tirol Bus Company

Bergland Tirol web site

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