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Web copywriting is a specialised skill - concepts and ideas which work well in print or other media often don't have the same effect on the web. Copywriting for web sites means concentrating on visibility and impact:


Web sites need to be visible if they are to be successful.

We discuss our skills in search engine optimisation - and experience in journalism and marketing - elsewhere on the site. But an essential part of these skills is known as "on-page optimisation".

What does that mean?

Professional web copywriting means sensible and readable copy that is also visible for its chosen targets.

We believe that professional companies demand a professional web site - not one that hides their key words and concepts to try to trick the search engines...


Few surfers use the web to view Flash movies and spinning graphics.

They are looking for information - and, if they don't find it, they are just one click away from heading to another site.

Web copywriting with impact means making the necessary information stand out - and making it easily understandable.

Short paragraphs,

and featured paragraphs in coloured boxes used for emphasis

are all tools that are useful to produce successful web copy.

Site navigation is important in providing viewers with clear signposts to information that they wish to view.

A "drill-down" method of providing information is similar to the old journalist's theory of "pyramid story construction". What this means is short pieces of information linking into to more detailed sections, which in turn lead into expansive articles, if needed.

Web Copywriting Services

If you'd like us to write your web copy, our prices start from €50,-- for 500 words (roughly an A4 page). Prices vary dependent on subject matter and complexity. Price in US dollars (or other currencies) available on request.

Travel copy is a speciality.

For a successful web site that both finds customers and converts them, for your web copywriting!

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Web Copywriting

web copywriting
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